Technology-Truckers love to hate

Not only do truck drivers travel on the open roads but they also journey down the internet! Modern Technology gives truckers a big boost in countless areas and can make life on the road easier or at least a lot more tolerable as they are away from home. Truck driving software programs help to make all of the book keeping and paperwork less difficult to handle and keep organized. Laptop computers assist with keeping in touch with family, pals and also the trucking corporation they work for.
Old Driver Confused with Technology
Truckers by nature are fiercely independent and they don’t like being told what to do. They also face impossible cost pressures that force many to drive far more hours in a day than may be safe – or legal. Replacing paper logbooks with electronic ones could improve compliance. But faced with rising fuel costs and EPA mandated equipment, most see information technology as just another cost burden. Electronic logbooks could make hours of service and other data logging faster and easier. Widespread use could also make roads safer by making it harder to falsify driver logs and drive beyond the 11 hours legally allowed per day per Federal Moter Carrier Safety Administration rules. But in the battle between these groups, electronic driver logs are viewed as a competitive weapon – or threat.